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www.IronCross.org is an archive and memorial website dedicated to those awarded the German Iron Cross in all its classes. Though the site is in it's early development stages we hope to make it a top resource for family members, historians and others who want to keep the memories alive of the these German Heroes.


History of the Iron Cross History of the Iron Cross

IronCross.org encourages those that have information on Iron Cross award winners to REGISTER and list the details. Just click the time period which the soldier served in and click the register link. You will then be able to provide the details as described below.

As we develop the site contributors will be able to list individuals awarded the Iron Cross with the following details: Name, Rank, Branch of service, Cross class, Description and date of action with mini-biography and pictures. Personal page or relative link will also be able to be added. When the site is developed other features will be added such as Awards on this day, blog, etc.

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Due to the size and scope of this undertaking we hope that contributors, sponsors and volunteers will sign on. Contact us for sponsorships available.

Napoleanic Wars Award Winners WWI Cross

WWI Iron Cross
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Franco-Prussian War Award Winners WWII Cross

WWII Knight's Cross
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First World War Award Winners Knight's Cross

WWII Knight's Cross
Second World War Award Winners Pour Le Merite

Pour Le Merite
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This site is not intended to glorify war or promote any political view points. Although the information and recommendations are presented in good faith, IronCross.org makes no warranties as to accuracy expressed or implied. Opinions or information listed by individuals or groups are soley theirs and not those of IronCross.org.

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